The editor's stay at home edit

April 18, 2020

Pandemic Days

Feature on Neighbors and friends...

Wendy Wallace/Former Instyle Editor

I asked a former colleague and friend,  Fashion Editor,  Wendy Wallace,  My Dumbo neighbor,  mom of 2 to pull her edit of a few soothing creature comfort items that give good vibes. I loved her daily ritual of  lighting up a candle at dinner. Thinking perhaps her kids will look back to this time with these little memories of how home can be so special. Here are her creature comforts....




It hasn’t been easy during quarantine
but here are some things I’ve been doing to stay sane

Lighting candles for dinner

Music - try to have tv off /music on even if it means letting kids DJ!

Playing with air dry clay with the kids 

Candlelit baths as needed anytime of the day

Red wine and coffee on repeat

LEGO’s can be surprisingly calming and satisfying. 

FaceTime dinners with family friends

We adopted a super affectionate cat named Monkey in Feb and he is always up for cuddles. He is the best and we are so happy to have him in our family. 

Where to find her edit: 

1. Two dress- a fun piece to style. Can be easily layered with bodysuits or leggings and buttoned /unbuttoned depending on your mood

2. xBuly hand cream -As nice to look at as it is on dry over-washed hands

3. Espresso cups - Bringing small cups of joy during the long days at home

4. Raffia sandals - These are great for spring/ summer when regular slippers are too hot. 

5. Vase- This sculptural vase by Simone Bodner-Turner looks great with or without flowers

6.Everyday oil - Great for face, hair, everywhere

7. Terra Cotta Planter - I love the chubby shape of these

8. Eyemask -Being sensitive to light, I am completely unable to sleep without these. 

9. Candesticks - I've been lighting a candle for family dinners to help set the mood.