Tina Frey Deep Trough

Tina Frey Deep Trough

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A minimalist decor tabletop piece to finish off a beautiful table, shelf or  kitchen counter.. 

These can be used for fruits, cookies, keys, masks, pens you name it. Anything that needs zen! I love the coverage it gives on a shelf! These look and feel sleek and just give a beautiful light to your space.

Perfect Mothers day gift for someone who needs something special to brighten up their home!!

Each piece is handmade, handcast and hand finished with care resulting in unique variations in each item. Tina Frey is Based out of San Francisco and recently opened her first store in Montecito, California. One of our favorite home accessory designers. 

    • — Small US Designer
    • — 2.5" x 3.5" x 9.75"
    • — Lead free and BPA free resin




Tina Frey Deep Trough