We Love: Tina Frey...small business love

April 03, 2020


Based In San Francisco, CA
Designer of resin objects and furniture 
world traveller, now homebound

Tina is a client, a small business owner and a world renown product designer, and of course 
a taste maker. Here we share some of our favorite small businesses with you. 

Tina is usually on the run, traveling the globe and now finding the time to actually sit and think and get back to being creative,  READ ON : )

As a small business owner, it is hard not to find yourself working most of the time, even when away from the studio / office.  I usually travel a LOT so it doesn't leave much time for much else.  When I travel, I don't tend to drink too much since it never helps jet lag.  I try to eat healthy and get enough sleep in general.  Wherever I am traveling, I usually hit the ground running at the destination and am out and walking around and seeing new things wherever I am or meeting with people.

When I am not sheltering in place, I am exercising (i.e. running), traveling, exploring new cities or visiting museums, seeing people, friends, reading, spending time getting inspiration for creativity.  I miss traveling right now and this is the longest I have been at home for such a long stretch and it is very strange.  Normally, I have at least one international trip a month.  I love being out in nature, surfing, hiking, walking the dogs, etc.  I also do meditate daily when possible.

I actually do not get time in the studio to create as much as I like and I usually cram it in when I know there is a deadline coming up!  That is more the reality since it is hard not to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of running a business.  Since we are not able to go outside as freely now and there is no travel, it has been nice to explore being creative again in the studio.  I have not had so much time to do this in the past and it is truly a luxury!

What are you doing right now to pass the time?

I did a major clean up of my creative space at the studio and it was very satisfying. Now I can finally focus on making some new designs again. 
I usually sculpt, so a clean and uncluttered area is helpful for me.

Do you have a favorite go-to dish?

I am not a good cook at all! That's my husband, and everything he makes tastes good (Dutch baby pancake with fresh berries and whipped cream). I am good at coming up with suggestions, and I do like making homemade ice cream.

What music gets your day going?

I have playlists that range from jazz classics like Paul Desmond and Stan Getz, to Bjork, to classical, to HVOB and 80’s tunes.

What do you need to get yourself in a creative mode?

I definitely love natural daylight, and I am fortunate to have this in my studio space. Since we are not able to go outside as freely now and there is no travel, it has been nice to explore being creative again in the studio.



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