When did you start the brand TWO? What did you do before?

I started Two in 2010. 
When I first moved to NY in 1996 I began working at Barneys in the creative department for Simon Doonan. I later moved into styling and editorial work. In 2001 I moved to Milan and worked for Prada and eventually came back where I focused on graphic design and home interiors doing creative projects for a few architects.

What inspired you to start the caftan line?

Having an Indian father and Italian mother growing up i felt like I had three separate lives. I have always been enamored with saris from the time I was a child in india and really wanted to find a way
to make a sari wearable and chic. When we did we were in awe of just how gorgeous the pieces came out!
I was lucky enough to make the time to explore it in 2010 when I was pregnant with my 2nd child... It all began at my wedding in Italy with my Indian aunts and cousins showing up in their gorgeous saris. The juxtaposition on that landscape, the mystery..It was all so very inspiring...

What is the creative process?

I love to collaborate and work with talent I find in india as well as source from local stores and from weavers directly. It’s a mix of the three. I research the market and try to find fabrics from many different artisans I know will translate well for the vision I have. We work with high-end award winning sari designers to small 
non profit organizations helping women. We also design our own fabrics inspired by saris we’ve come across and base our designs on the fabric once it arrives...

Finding women who can do this amazing work?

Actually it’s surprising how many men are weavers. 
There are women weaving but for the area we’ve been working in, the Jamdani embroidery is passed on through family and mentors and it’s often Men.

What is your favorite part of the process?

My favorite part is when we make an item and try it on various body shapes and it works! I love that moment. I also love when we discover some amazing textiles and when we get mail from clients
letting us know they love wearing Two!